The project started as an extremely rough photo-scan. I was fortunate to capture 120 images of the Corvette Grand Sport at Barrett Jackson in Phoenix, AZ a few years back. Although it's in direct sunlight I wasn't looking to re-project the texture back on to the re-topologized mesh. I was just looking for accurate dimensions to re-model off of. After running through Reality Capture and quickly cleaned up in ZBrush, below was the scan output. Now I could begin modeling.
Modeling is always a fun process for me. With the help of the scan and plenty of reference images the task was much easier to complete. I am pretty meticulous when it comes to details, so many hours were spent on the finer details.

The body was UV mapped and split into 4 UDIMs. Not perfect, but it works. From there the body model was brought into Substance Painter for a not so new paint job. There are only five original Corvette Grand Sports, so I thought I'd pay homage with an old school looking paint job. 
I made a mood board in PureRef from inspirational images I've collected over the years on my hard drive.  I didn't want to go crazy with creating the background because I wanted the primary focus on the car. It would be a action driving shot to showcase the modeling and texturing work that I put into the project. 
I have a soft spot for vintage racing. I knew early that this was the route I would go for the final composition.  A motion blurred rig shot was the way to go. Willow Springs was the race course I created the background from for it's simplicity, sunny weather, and nice color palette. I used Redshift as my render engine and used a Redshift sun & sky for the lighting. I used Redshift PostFX to get the render 80% of way there. I rendered some AOVs (reflection, specular, refraction, puzzle mattes) and saved as a multi-matte EXR to bring into Photoshop to complete the other 20% of the final composition.